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If you are in search of 3 star PG, you are the right place and your search will most probably end here. We have the best PG to offer to the students and professionals. Not only we make sure to provide you with a wholesome environment, but also the prices for all our services are kept minimal. There are various services we offer within the PG so that you can live with convenience.
There are several benefits of getting a 3 star PG. Some of the brilliant things you will experience while staying in our PG are:

Best Amenities for Use

We try our best to create an environment that adds to your peace of mind. For this, we have included a wide variety of facilities for our residents. We care about your hygiene, and so we provide a clean bed to each one of you.
The sheets will be changed regularly. The bathrooms have Geysers in them, so you would not have to go out of your way to get warm water. The rooms of our 3 star PG also feature the ACs for making the environment comfy and relaxing.

3 Star PG
Room Gallery

Our Facilities


The locality and internal environment of the PG are safe for people of all ages. You can rest assured that you would have to deal with any hassle related to the safety issues at our PG. Therefore, if you would like to stay in a family-like environment at an affordable price, you can contact us.

Power Backup

24*7 Electricity (Power back-up) is one of the biggest challenges that this country is thriving to achieve. Even the NCR (Delhi) isn’t spared off constant power-cuts & grid failures.


You will get the running water 24x7 and would not have to worry about the shortage of water supply.
The water is clean and the best to our knowledge.


Coming to food, we make sure to provide the food that not only strengthens your immune system but also suits your taste. You can specify the details you want meals to be like. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided timely to all the PG inmates.